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Agricultural Industry

Ofamainitsproduction profilehasmachinesthat areused in agriculture,theprocessingof sugar beet,fodderscreening, transport andsegregationblends andagricultural fertilizers, transporttechnologysilos, etc.Hereare some typicaldevices producedbyOfamaforthe agriculturalindustry.

Industry recycling

Ofama thanks to its wide range manufactured machines and distributes its equipment in the recycling industry, waste sorting, separation into fractions metallic and non-metallic materials, crushing and grinding, transport, technological waste, etc.:

Food industry and confectionery

Ofama's offer includes machinery and equipment for the food industry and sugar. These devices are manufactured in accordance with the norms and standards HACAP food grade applications through the highest quality materials intended for food purposes. Machines produced by Ofama are used in the processing of fruit and vegetables when segregation and transportation of vegetables and fruit, the sugar screening and transport technology, etc sugar.

Industry segregation and transportation of coal

Equipment Ofama great find their application in mining mine, the coal mining as well as handling it. Devices such as vibrating screens and feeders due to its simple construction, are maintenance-free and directly affect the quality of extracted urobków as well as improve health and safety.

Chemical industry

For the chemical industry, we offer comprehensive technological lines or devices by. individual needs. In this industry m.in Ofama proposes the following devices.

Foundry Industry

Ofama in its offer also manufactures equipment for the foundry industry, sorting of waste and castings for the transportation of molding, the steel industry and non-ferrous metals. Equipment companies Ofama produced versions dust-proof and made of materials with high temperature resistance are used everywhere where there are difficult and arduous working conditions. Below are some typical devices applicable to this industry.

Mining Industry

Produced by Ofama devices are widely used in mining, the exploitation of aggregates, transport and segregation of minerals processing and mining dumps pohutniczych, as well as in coking plants.